My Cycling Journey in Greece

Cycling has become an essential part of my life. I ride my bike almost every day, preferably with friends, but very often alone.

Cycling on the coastal road from Athens to Sounio

I moved to Greece from my native Germany almost 20 years ago with the best of all reasons. I had fallen in love with a wonderful Greek girl and took the leap of faith to move to Athens in order to get married and establish our life here.

The love affair I have since then developed with Greece and my journey of cultural immersion would probably be enough material for another blog. But this here is about cycling …

My wife was always very worried about traffic and she perceived road cycling near Athens as dangerous which is why I initially limited myself to exploring the three mountains in Athens (Ymittos, Pendeli and Parnitha) by Mountain Bike.

Everything changed when I booked a guided road bike tour on the nearby island of Aegina. Riding through a picturebook mediterrenean landscape, with all the colours and the smells that go with it awakened my senses. It was wonderful testing my legs when the road was tilting uphill and enjoying the heaving breathing and the sweet burning sensation in my muscles. The breathtaking views of the island and the surrounding waters of Saronic Gulf were not only the just reward for my efforts but also procuring a steady endorphin flow to my brain.

Needless to mention that ending the ride with a dip into the sea and a subsequent meal in one of the many tavernas was just the icing on the cake of a perfect day.

It was a feeling that I subsequently got addicted to and that many years and a lot of km on Greek roads later still captivates me.

Greece has all the ingredients of a genuine road cycling paradise.

  • Mild winters and hot yet not too humid summers allowing for year-round outdoor cycling.
  • Very little traffic outside the urban centers
  • A diverse mediterrenean landscape with always something new to discover.
  • Climbs galore, the next mountain is never too far away, nor is the sea.
  • Coffee stops or recovery meals at tavernas are a real highlight
  • Greek Philoxenia – the locals make cycling in Greece an extremely satisfying social experience

I am predominately riding in Attika and on the Eastern Peloponnese, but whenever time allows I am trying to discover riding in other parts of the country, including the islands.

Not being a big fan of social media, but having the urge to share the good feelings and pictures of each ride, made me start this blog as a sort of ride diary.

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