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Kremasmenos Lagos translates to “Hanged Hare” in English and is the name of a beautiful short climb in the Southern Athenian suburb of Voula. The climb starts right from the main thoroughfare connecting the centre of Athens with the Southern Suburbs, Vouliagmenis Avenue.

Approximately 5km in length with an average gradient of 6.5% it passes through the neighbourhoods of Dikigorika and Panorama and then continues on a forest road to the hilltop cemetery of Voula and from there another 1500meters to the end of the paved road.

The proximity to the Southern suburbs of Glyfada and Voula-Vouliagmeni-Vari makes Kremasmenos Lagos a staple climb for cyclists looking for a quick pre- or after work workout.

Hill intervals hurt! However the pain is made more palatable by doing them on a road that remunerates with stunning views opening up behind each corner.

Legend has it that the name “Hanging Hare” was given by a resident of the area who often went up there in the summer to rest in a small shack that he had built himself. One day, going up the hill, he found a bark of a tree that looked like a hare, pierced it, hung it on a tree, and since then, when asked where he went at noon, he answered “to the Hanging Hare.”

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